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Game Features

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Lucky Lightning

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Lucky Lightning: Doubling (2-6) by lightning strikes on the character, the first species is given by lightning strikes.

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Rich Chariot

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Rich Chariot: 8 characters all win, all support is changed to (2-9) times; the integral of the species in the press is doubled to the player.

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Planet Award

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Planet Award: The species sucked away by a flying saucer, the bonus is given to the player for extra reward.

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Betting Video Games

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Betting Video Games: During the racing, the number of gold coins eaten during the run of all the species represents the winnings (12-75)bonus.

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Betting On Video Games

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Betting On Video Games: Joystick control left and right to select different roles; Switching button to switch different support for one-time input.

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Betting Games

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Betting Games: Support represents the player's actual value invested in different roles; Long press the joystick down, you can cancel all the support.


What’s in the Video Game Betting?

The game have eight characters, they are: Kedge; Wuga; Harry; Fire Dragon; Orangutan; Dragon turtle; Wild Boar; Goat in the video game betting, which has two theme scenes. The first theme is racing on the starry sky runway, and the second is racing in the quiet countryside.

How to play Video Game Betting?

1: Joystick control left and right to select different roles;
2: Switching button to switch different support for one-time input;
3: Support represents the player’s actual value invested in different roles;
Eight animals line up in their own racing track for one of the most splendid running races and wait for rushing. When the countdown to GO, they must strive to run for the first prize in the video game betting. With the cheerful and joyful music, Racing is more wonderful, it’s very exciting that every leading animal could be surpassed.
There are not only with normal prize in general, but also another“big prize” as “Lucky Lightning”, “Arcade at High Stakes”,“Rich Chariot”and “Planet Award”. The two scenes give players unlimited exciting experience and lots of joyful fun when the game on the go.

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