Lottery Arcade Game Machine The Monkey King

Intelligent Game Lottery Arcade Game Machine The Monkey King
Lottery Arcade Game Machine-The Monkey King

The lottery arcade game machine comes with many different types of input and output configurations. These configurations allow operators to choose the options that best suit their location and market.

♣Key in/Key out
♣Coin in/Hopper out
♣Coin in/Ticket redemption
♣Bill acceptor and thermal printer
♣Cashless card read management system 

What makes the Lottery Arcade Game Machine?

♦Vertical 3-player lottery arcade game machine
♦Three 32inches high definition LCD display monitor
♦High quality colored illuminated joysticks and buttons
♦Solid quality main metal frame and plastic peripherals
♦Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet
♦Well-positioned mechanical counters for easy access and good visibility
♦Enhanced quality stereo sound system
♦Convenient electronic keyboard system access
♦Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort

Cabinet Specifications

Height:190 cm
Width:200 cm
Depth:90 cm

Required voltage
110∼240V AC
Operating temperature
+10° C ∼ +30° C

Operating humidity

20% ∼ 80%

Warranty: 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support
Safety standards: compatiable with UL,CE,FCC, etc,different country comes with different plugs and power supply
Languages: English and Chinese

Games available

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