3 Marvelous Reasons to Go to Arcade

How skill arcade games can benefit your health and social contact

As technology and science are developing, computers and phones have invaded our daily life. On an average working day, we are busy with different kinds of work and face up to the computer screen all the time. We hardly have time and chance to communicate with others. If we need to, we will prefer using phones or messaging apps instead communicating face to face. So as a busy person, do you feel exhausted most of the time and have no energy to talk to others after work or classes?

The average American adult spends 2 hours and 51 minutes on the smartphone every day, according to the comScore’s 2017 Cross-Platform Future in Focus report. Other studies depict an even worse scenario. That’s the case of the eMarketer report of 2016, where the time spent on the smartphone was 4 hours and 5 minutes per day. It’s about 122 hours a month! So basically, apart from working, eating, bathing and sleeping, you are spending your free time watching a screen instead of interacting with others.

So what do people spend all that time doing? Playing games is the third most common activity performed on a smartphone. That’s just after checking social media and watching movies. Mobile games are great, we all love them. But they can have a negative impact on your health and relationships. Why not finding another way to enjoy your time and live a better life? Here is why playing arcade games is an excellent choice.

1. Stayaway from social phobia

When playing a mobile game you love, you would like to stay at home alone and immerse yourself in that world without any interruptions. But not communicating with others for a long time can make you afraid to get in touch with them. The risk of developing social anxiety disorder is right behind the corner. Don’t look upon this disease, which is the second most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder. It is second only to depression in the U.S. 15 million American adults are affected by social phobia. That is the equivalent to 1/4 people in the UK and six times the population of Paris. So if you spend all day on your computer and smartphone, choosing another fun activity would be better for your health and relationships.

How the arcade game could help: You can invite your friends to go out and to play the skill arcade games together. In the arcade, playing side-by-side with your friends is an unique experience that mobile gaming or computer game just can’t give you. You can cooperate with friends to win prizes like the Super Mario brothers or be the competitive rivals as in Mortal Kombat. You cheer for every victory, tense for every challenge, and test your real skills. What’s more, it’s possible to meet a bunch of like-minded people and to make friends with them. Playing an arcade game is undoubtedly one of the most suitable ways to relax and interact with others.

2. Take a break from screens,avoid the thickening of your eyeglasses

As the saying goes: watching too much TV will make your eyes go square. In the light of Dr. Blakeney, an optometric adviser in the College of Optometrists, staring at electronic screens for more than 3 hours can result in eyestrains, dry or watering eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. When looking at the mirror in the morning, you’ll find that your eyes are filled with red blood after spending 8 hours a day on the computer. Better not to play too much with your phone during your spare time and to instead find more healthy ways to have fun.

How the arcade game could help: A research in the U.S. has shown that some screen viewing can be helpful to the eyes. Playing amusement games can also help to enhance the contrast sensitivity. No to mention there are a lot of fabulous skill games in your local arcade. An example? The dance machine where you don’t need to focus on a screen all the time. You can close your eyes to enjoy the music and dance to the melody. Or you can battle with your friends to decide who is the winner.

3. Sitting on a desk for a long time =sub-healthy exhaustion syndrome

Every day you sit down behind your computer for more than seven hours and no wonder that you feel worn out at the end of the day. So when you have a day off, the first and only thing you want to do is to lay on your sofa and play your favorite phone game. However, studies have shown that living a sedentary life for a long period of time can damage your health and shorten your life. An average American adult spends 9 to 10 hours of his day sitting on a desk. It’s still possible to limit the damages with a daily 30 to 60 minutes workout. Sitting for long periods of time can result in a whole set of health issues, including obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Worse still, you are also at an increased risk of death for cardiovascular diseases and cancer. You may still feel under pressure and can’t keep the good habit of exercising daily.

How the arcade game could help: When walking into the arcade, the joyous atmosphere will immediately help you to get rid of the fatigue and tension from your busy day or week. You will not get bored thanks to the rich variety of arcade machines available, such as fish game, arcade claw, and basketball shooting game machines. Among them, Fire Kirin Revenge, Crab King and Thunder Hawk are some of the most popular fish shooting games in the arcade world. They feature superior 3D graphics and stereo surround music that allow you to immerse yourself in the game in no time. They are multiplayer and are a great challenge for you and your partners. That’s also because the fish hunting games require quick thinking, skills, and coordination. Surprisingly, the better you are, the more arcade tickets you’ll get. Imagine exchanging them for wonderful gifts and then give them to the girl you like. That might be the beginning of a new romantic relationship.

Not only can arcade machines make you have fun, but you can also do some exercise. With the basketball shooting game machine, you can play with your fellows to determine whose shooting skill is better. You can select the winner based on the number of balls thrown into the basket in 5 minutes.

Humans are not born to be living in. Who wouldn’t want to keep in close contact with friends? You can even show off your performance to the girl you adore. But if you just stay home and play phone games alone, it will be difficult to do it and you will get cold feet avoiding others in the long term. Staring at a screen and sitting all day are nasty habits you can live happily even without. So what are you waiting for? Call your friends, walk out of your house and come to the arcade. There you can play the most fantastic games you’re interested in. No need to worry about the problems we just mentioned.