FEC Startup – New Amusement Business

We speak with literally, 1,000’s of people each year who are thinking about starting a new amusement business, family fun center, children’s entertainment center or arcade business of some kind.

Either well along the path to fun center startup, or just the genesis of a new idea they thought of on the way home from their child’s 8th party invitation at the local Chuck E. Cheese.

Where ever you are in that process, we applaud you.

Today more than ever, families in communities of all sizes are in need of a safe, secure, fun environment where kids of all ages, adults and groups of all kinds can gather and engage their playful side.

Arcade Business

Back in my day, this was the place. It had all of the latest cool games, a pool table or two, a foosball table, lots of pinball, and pac-man was all the rage. Because it was primarily a teenage hang-out, for many communities the arcade business became an eye sore and a place of negative impression.

Today this arcade business model, as a stan alone game center is not much seen, and has seen most of it’s appeal replaced by technology – specifically game consoles and other in home entertainment or mobile options.

We are not saying that arcade rooms are not a viable opportunity within the fun center business, just not as a standalone center as it once was. The arcade business now has to be supported by other primary-draw attractions, food service and other peripheral activities. Even for the big guys, Dave and Busters or Gameworks, it’s more about the food and beverage than the actual draw of the arcade games.

Family Entertainment Center

This model, in it’s various iterations has become the community winner. Whether appealing to families (as identified by parents with children 10 years and younger), or an older age group or a combination of all ages, the community based family fun center is the amusement business model that has and will continue to endure.

Starting a New Amusement Business

There are many different ways your new amusement business can come togther. But there are a few first steps in that process that

In the amusement business as both operator and manufacturer since 1995, we have a wealth of resources and materials you can use to research the market, understand your local opportunity and how that relates to your own amusement business goals.

The Startup Academy program is a great go-at-your-own pace, new amusement business development program that combines all of our years experience with our fun center business plan, and all of our guide boooks, forms and manuals into a packaged, mentored course that helps you pull together a completed business plan and project package you can share with potential partners and funders.

If you are just in the initial days of considering the idea to start a new amusement business, the How to Start a Family Entertainment Center guidebook is a good overview of what it takes to open a fun center business.