GTI (gaming time international) magazine about Guangzhou intelligent game software co., Ltd

The selling channel mode to have been upgraded for bright future

A new face has appeared in the field of Chinese game and amusement industry, since the early beginning of 2016, it’s Guang Zhou Intelligent Game Software Co., Ltd, initially abbreviated as GZ IGS, GZ IGS is independently and entirely in charge of marketing and sale expansion of all self-developed game software and arcade game machines to oversea international market for its domestic game R&D company. Its domestic game R&D company has invariably been at vanguard of gaming design, research and development for over ten years, many of arcade games they’ve created, such as “Rage Sword Shark”, “Fire Kylin”, “3D Black Horse”, and “Running Animal” are widely popular in China and aboard, and furthermore, most of its first-class games and profession are vastly accepted, and these also help them to harvest a good reputation in the game industry.

Since the marketing mode of its domestic business by sales agency and distribution has been implemented in China, the gaming company itself rarely participates in sales of the games and arcade machines in any local market. At the end of 2015, it decided to reform and upgrade its existing selling mode, would prepare to build up a separate company mainly holding responsible for business development and sales expansion of its game products and arcade equipments to outside of Chinese markets. On basis of modern internet marketing and trading, GZ IGS will set up such two major selling platforms as trading store in and its own image and brand name advertising official website, moreover, will combine the traditional exhibitions of the game industry fairs in China and aboard, and magazine advertisement, as well as the latest new media, such as Facebook, Youtube and Tweeter, etc, and struggle to establish an online and offline, modern and traditional interactive selling networks.

GZ IGS is the source of games development, it’s able to sophisticatedly master core programming and algorithm of each its arcade games, as well as game software encryption and decoding, each of its game software runs softly and stably with easily-controlled back platform management system. What’s more, the high quality and branded hardware accessories we use mostly come from Samsung, LG or Intel, and Taiwan companies. All its games can bring much unexceptional experience and joyful fun to all game players. It can entirely ensure the buyers, owners of game centers to be well satisfied, too, it can also guarantee that all investors can gain fruitful profit and good income, after they invest on its products.

In order to meet some our clients’ demand for arcade game machines, GZ IGS has already had strong R&D, production capability to manufacture all kinds of arcade game equipments, and has formed such a complete line of arcade game products as fishing game machines, gambling machines, shooting game machines and amusement redemption machines, etc.

GZ IGS always remains open to buyers or game specialists who have wonderful ideas or plans, they want to create their own game software with their individual elements, then it can provide excellent customized gaming solutions with them effectively and professionally.