How much skill is needed to play a skill game? The reporter found out.

how much skill is needed to play a skill game

What about the game room environment?

Much of the light in the room comes from the seven or so gaming tables set up across the single game room that makes up the arcade.

Across the room from the entrance, there are a few upright gaming machines, the type you would see in more child-friendly arcades.

The atmosphere in The Tank is non-threatening. Aside from the occasional shouts of exuberance from other players, there isn’t much noise and the people who are there seem relaxed.

Fun Arcade LLC, the Charlotte-based company that owns The Tank and six other arcades in Hickory and Conover.


How to play skill fish games?

I came to The Tank to make my own contribution to this debate and get some sense on whether or not these games really require skill.

I pay my money and settle in at a video fish table a member of the staff said is suitable for beginners.

You can get 1,000 credits for $10. With that credit, you try to earn more by shooting and killing the various creatures slithering across the display.


Play fish table games need more skills.

The creatures you shoot vary in size and speed. You can shoot with a selection of video game weapons, including electricity and bullets.

Playing the games, I can see how you can make an argument that the games do require some elements of skill.

However, the skills involved are pretty basic things like hand-eye coordination to see the creatures come into view and react properly to hit them.

At the same time, I got the feeling a lot of randomness is involved with the game, particularly when it comes to the number of shots it takes to kill a given creature.

Though my experience with the game was limited, I’m not sure additional experience would have taught me the best way to shoot the creatures to ensure more kills (and more money).