Profit Share

Fish Skill Games Cooperation-Profit Share

Have you been wanting one of the most popular fish hunting game machines in your location, but are concerned about financial risk?

Are you enticed by Ocean Kingdom series internationally recognised profitability, but aren’t sure you can get the same result in your own location?

Ocean Kingdom Arcade understands the concerns of operators, which is why we are now connecting operators interested in the Ocean King series or similar fish hunting game machines with agents for profit sharing.

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Cooperation Model of High Profit Share
A profit share arrangement is a great way for organizations or locations to get additional revenue, without the output cost of always buying the latest machines and continually upgrading.

Here’s the deal. Our team will connect you, the potential operator, with an appropriate agent who will take care of everything for you. While the machine is hosted in your location, you simply share the profit from the cash box with the agent.

What’s really great about this arrangement is that it’s flexible and risk-free by nature for operators. You don’t need to output the cost of the machine to have it in your location, you can upgrade when you’re ready (again, with no output cost) and you don’t need to figure out what to do with the old machine when you do upgrade, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or servicing as that’s taken care of by the agent!

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What Can You Expect From Profit Sharing?
-No upfront costs

-No installation charges

-No maintenance or service fees

-Increased revenue

This profit share arrangement is available all across the U.S.A. If you’re interested in establishing a profit share arrangement, or, you’re looking for a fish game machine to put in your location based on a profit share agreement, contact us at [email protected] today and we will help connect you.